Spring – Session 2 – 2021
CLICK HERE to Register at 10am on April 6th

For program questions or to be added to our newsletter, please email Jordan@FirstTeeTriangle.org

*Please only register for one class
*For participants who plan to certify, you must register them for their current level in order to secure a spot for them.
*Financial aid is available through the registration process. You will fill out the provided form, submit the temporary registration for approval, and once approved via email, you will log in to your account to complete the process and secure your spot.

Program Level Descriptions:

Click here to see the certification requirements. If you are not sure if your participant has fulfilled the requirements necessary, please email Jordan at Jordan@FirstTeeTriangle.org.

Registration Fees:

  • Little Linkster: $50 per participant for a 7-week session
  • PLAYer/Par: $75 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Birdie/Eagle/Ace: $75 per participant for a 7-week session
  • Scholarships: We have an unlimited number of scholarships available for anyone needing financial assistance. Simply begin the registration process, and when prompted, click the “financial aid” option.


  • There will be four certification days following the second spring session.
  • Registration for certification dates will be sent out a few weeks prior.
  • Participants must attend certification, complete all certification requirements, and meet the minimum age requirement in order to move up to the next level.
  • For more information on certification, please click here.

2021 Calendar:

  • We will have four 7-week sessions in 2021
  • Session Dates:
    • Session 1 – week of March 15 – week of April 26
    • Session 2 – week of May 18 – week of June 28 (Monday classes start on May 10)
    • Session 3 – week of July 19 – week of August 30
    • Session 4 – week of September 20 – week of November 1